With permission to be ME

Karolina Saittis

Yoga Alliance RYT 200-hr with certification from Three Sisters Yoga in New York City. 

I'm originally from Poland but I live in Queens, NY with my husband and two rescue dogs. As an immigrant and a woman, I've come a long way to just be myself, without trying to fit somebody's imagination of me. Yoga helped me begin this journey, become friends with my anxiety and become more confident.

Yoga is my great passion. I mainly practice vinyasa style yoga with elements of power and restorative practices. A big part of my yoga is music so you can expect a dance break in the middle of the practice from time to time :) Just to let go of the energy built up throughout the busy day. 

I'm hoping to provide a safe space for people from all sorts of backgrounds, with any skin color and any body size. I think everybody deserves individual attention, which is why my group classes will cap at 10 participants. We are only able to create equality in the yoga world by focusing on individuals. I will help you elevate your strengths by guiding you through yoga practices, asking questions and helping you seek answers within you. I will strive to make you feel seen, at ease and trust your body. The magical shift that happens within when we connect with our bodies is one of the best feelings in the world. It's the force that helps us move mountains and be one with our inner true selves.